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    Default AOD Ranks and In Game Ranks


    Commanding Officer [CO] | Title given to members who have been accepted to lead a particular division. Commanding Officers are given the permission to run their division as they see fit, as long as they stay within the guidelines of AOD's Code of Conduct and other policies. This title has no extra authority outside of the officer's division. Members must rank Sergeant or above to be accepted into this position.
    (ex: AOD_SSgt_Insane JK/CO)

    Executive Officer [XO] | Title given to members who have been nominated by a division Commanding Officer, and accepted by clan leadership to assist in leading a particular division. Executive Officers are to assist the Commanding Officer of their respective division in all aspects of division leadership. Further, Executive Officers are expected to lead their respective division in the absence of the Commanding Officer. Members must rank Corporal or above to be accepted into this position.
    (ex. AOD_Sgt_AgentGibbs JK/XO)


    Sergeant Major | SgtMaj: Overall leader of Clan AOD, responsible for handling issues within the clan, and for being a representative of the interests of AOD when working with other clan leaders. All major decisions, policy changes and high ranking promotions should be passed through one of the clan's two SgtMajs.

    Command Sergeant | CmdtSgt: High ranking clan leader who assists the SgtMajs in the leadership of AOD. Instructs clan management in all divisions, helping lower-ranking officers with any issues within each division under normal circumstances. Command Sergeants are also involved in forum administration, division creation/deletion, Sergeant promotions and policy changes.

    First Sergeant | 1stSgt: High ranking admin who oversees a number of divisions, assisting members of all ranks. First Sergeants are expected to be aiding in division decisions or leadership, and particularly in clan-wide decision making.

    Master Sergeant | MSgt: Experienced Sergeant. These officers are involved in a number of divisions, acting as informants and advisors. Master Sergeants also oversee the communication of all Sergeant promotions.

    Staff Sergeant | SSgt: Experienced Sergeant. Commonly in the position of CO/XO, Staff Sergeants are expected to aid newer Sergeants and lower-ranking officers, including CO/XOs. To be elligable for promotion, Staff Sergeants should be involved in more than one division, acting as advisors and informants when requested by AOD leadership.

    Sergeant | Sgt: Member who has recently received the Sgt rank. Acts as a squad leader within their full-time division. Upon reaching the rank of Sergeant, members are given access to and AOD TeamSpreak Server moderation tools. These members are also now able to earn the position of Commanding Officer. Sergeants are responsible for teaching new admins about how to use SMOD on the server. They are also expected to explain a new admin the recruting procedure and make sure they are recruiting people in a right way.

    Corporal | Cpl: Division squad leader. Although not able to promote on their own, a Cpl is responsible for their 5 recruits, and is also the lead man/women in his/hers respective Sgt's squad. During this member's time as a Corporal, he/she will be trained to become a Sergeant. As part of learning to become a Sgt, a Cpl should seek approval for promotions from their respective Sgt to learn how to manage a squad. Receives JK moderator status on the forums. At this rank, a member is expected to watch and help lower ranked admins in their first days of admining/recruiting. Corporal is able to host his/her own tournaments and events without any kind of assistance.

    Lance Corporal | LCpl: Experienced member. Sgts within divisions should begin training LCpl's for leadership positions that they shall receive upon being promoted to Cpl. LCpl's are also expected to assist squad leaders in any tasks needed, as well as continuing to help their few recruits to become accustomed to AOD. Experienced admin and recruiter. Expected to assist Sgts in organizing events or running them on their own during the absence of a higher ranked member.

    Trainer | Tr: Experienced member. This member is responsible for training AOD members in game specifics and helping lower ranked members become a productive player. Receives SMOD Admin on AOD servers. Expected to monitor the server and take action against people breaking the server rules. Trainer rank gives the right to recruit tryouts as they get approved. Trainers are responsible for their recruits.

    Specialist | Spec: Expected to set an example for new members and should begin assisting in training of squads within each division. Specialists are also tasked with reminding members to attend events.

    Private First Class | Pfc: Expected to help fellow clan members and to set an example for incoming members. Rank based on merit as a member and time in AOD. At this rank, a member should understand and follow the code so as to be the best they can be.

    Private | Pvt: Rank based on merit as a member and time in AOD. Member should be posting regularly and showing clan loyalty and honor.

    Cadet | Cdt: Active member who has shown loyalty and honor in their first months in clan.

    Recruit | Rct: New member of AOD, should begin learning the code and the clan rank system. Should also be active in the division's AOD server and on the forums.

    In Game Ranks:

    Full-Time Members

    Rank ------- TeamSpeak Rank - Game Rank - In Game Rank - Admin

    Sergeant+ ----------- Sgt+ - Jedi Council -- [JC] -- LvL.1 Admins
    Corporal ------------ Cpl -- Jedi Master --- [JM] -- LvL.1 Admins
    Lance Corporal------- LCpl - Jedi Guardian - [JG] -- LvL.2 Admins
    Trainer ------------- Tr --- Jedi Trainer -- [JT] -- LvL.2 Admins
    Specialist ---------- Spec - Jedi Knight --- [JK]
    Private First Class - Pfc -- Learner ------- [L]
    Private ------------- Pvt -- Apprentice ---- [A]
    Cadet --------------- Cdt -- Padawan ------- [P]
    Recruit ------------- Rct -- Initiate ------ [|]

    Part-Time Members

    Rank ------- Teamspeak Rank - Game Rank -- In Game Rank

    Sergeant+ ----------- Sgt+ - Jedi Protector -- [JP]*
    Corporal- ----------- Cpl- - Part Time ------- [PT]

    - There is a possibility for Jedi Protectors to get an SMOD Admin on AOD Servers. Some Specialists may have Level 3 admin on our servers.

    Cpl's and below in game name = AOD_YourName[PT]

    Sgt's and above in game name = AOD_YourName[JP]
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